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LARC Los Angeles Clinical Trainings 2019 FAQs

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1. Why are these trainings only for providers in Los Angeles County?

Because of special funding we’ve received, we are offering this one-time, clinical LARC training series that focuses on building skills and capacity for clinicians in Los Angeles County.

2. I don’t live or work in Los Angeles. Are there other LARC trainings I can take?
Please check out our IUD + implant trainings at Essential Access Health's annual Women’s Health Update conference. You can also check out our upcoming in-person trainings and online courses in our LARC training course catalog

3. I am currently in a clinical training program, but I’m not yet licensed. Am I eligible for this training?
Yes! If you are in a NP, PA, MD, DO, or CNM clinical training program, you are eligible to participate in these trainings. 

4. How do I know if I should take the Fundamental or Advanced skills IUD training?
Take the online self-assessment to see which training is recommended for you. 

5. Can I take the Fundamental Skills IUD Training and then the Advanced Skills IUD training the next day or week?
Yes! In fact, we encourage it. 

6. How will we be practicing in the IUD trainings?
Participants will gain practical experience with IUD placements and removals using pelvic models and gynecological simulators. There will not be any placements or removals on live patients.

7. I have previously taken the Nexplanon™ training and am certified. Can I take the course again?

Yes! Providers who have not done many placements or removals since their training may want to take it again.

8. I can no longer attend the training. How do I cancel?
We understand life happens. Because space is limited, we appreciate you canceling as soon as you know you can no longer attend, but at least one week before the training so that someone else may attend in your place. To cancel, please send us an email.

9. I am interested in becoming a mentor at my agency to help other clinicians gain confidence and skills in placing and removing IUDs and implants. Will you be offering any coaching beyond the Advanced Skills IUD training?
Yes! We will be offering a Training-of-Trainers (ToT) course on May 17, 2019. For more information, please email Jasmine Hutchinson, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives.

10. Will this training series be offered in 2020?
No. Because of special funding we’ve received, we are offering this one-time, clinical LARC training series in 2019. All training dates are listed here.

11. Can you come to our organization and train our clinical staff?
Possibly, if you have a group of staff (8-10+) who need training. Please fill out our online private training request form and we will contact you directly.

12. Do I need to bring anything with me on the day of the training?
You do not need to bring anything to the IUD trainings. If you are attending the Nexplanon™ training, please bring your clinical license.

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